Wednesday, 14 June 2017

The Internet of the early 2000s

People say that the Internet has somehow completed 40 years since its inception in 1969. I didn't even know there was a concept like that till 1997 and I didn't start actively using it till 2000. So the memories I have are pretty recent and yet significant since the usage of Internet has changed quite a bit as compared to 5 years back and before. So allow me to get a bit nostalgic about it.

Let me revisit the painful memories of a dialup connection; the icon of two telephones connected by an L-shaped dotted line on which a tiny red coloured square moved up and down while a connection was established; the unpleasant sounds the modem made while doing so; the slow speed at which Jpeg pics were loaded; and playing video files was out of the question. Now when I switch on my PC, a broadband connection is already established and online streaming videos rarely pause for buffering when I play them!

Anyone remember ICQ? And does anyone still use MSN and Yahoo Messengers? The concept of social networking was to simply add a friend to your list and chat with him/her on real time. I remember talking with 8 people at once in different windows and being prompt in replying to every one of them. Now, chatting with someone on a real-time basis freaks me out. I get annoyed when someone on gmail or on facebook suddenly types "Hi Salil, whats up?". I wonder why they can't write that on my 'wall' so that I can reply whenever I want to.

There was no Wikipedia or Youtube. People actually read e-mail forwards. It was a simpler time.

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